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Marres — Atelier des Amis is an interior design store with high-end furniture and decoration. With two floors for design, an underground area and an urban garden, we created a place where you can walk around or get lost. A place where we can catch up, sit down and make your design dreams come true, together.

Located in an exclusive former industrial factory
in Lanaken, where we create, collaborate and connect.
From our creative working space we work close together
with architects, designers and suppliers. With painters
and decorators. We focus mostly on interior design projects,
from smaller assignments to large scale (international) projects.


A raw soul
filled with objects
of desire

It was the industrial and characteristic appearance,
its location on the edge of town and country – between
Belgium and The Netherlands – which made us fall in love
with this place. Last but not least, it was the story behind
he authentic walls and small windows that makes this
former factory for us, so special. Together with our ami,
interior designer Niels Maier we transformed this
industrial place into an exclusive atelier. With respect
for the original character of the building, we added our
touch of Marres. The result? A creative design hotspot
that breathes Marres. From the inside and outside.